Wednesday, September 17, 2008

High Waters

How nice to spend all evening just with Dorito! The twins and Meggar had activities with friends, so I took him shopping. He has outgrown all his jeans, slacks, and shorts. I especially feel bad each Sunday when he wears his high-waters... so off we went with Target and Kohl's coupons. Now, if you've ever been with a teen-age boy, then you know how painful the process of trying on clothes can be. They want to make a quick decision but jeans come in so many different styles and sizes. Dorito went from size 12 to size 16! Luckily, Kohl's also sells "real" church slacks - my boy likes to look as good as his Dad, you know. He needed size 18 in church slacks! We made a stop for Sonic slushes at the mid-way point of what ended up as a very successful shopping trip!

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