Monday, September 1, 2008

Pull the Pool Plug

Despite mild temperatures outside, the kids were determined to swim (in 78-degree water?) this weekend before we drain the pool for the season. The twins are desperate to learn to do a flip (like Brooks) off the diving board and figured out that wearing a life vest protects their back while still learning. I think Polar Bear mastered it first. But now Winger has got it!

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MNMom said...

Hello from Minnesota! Candise, you are soooo creative - I love the blog. You are very entertaining. These protesters at the RNC are giving "Minnesota Nice" a bad name. Too bad the convention can't be in January because our weather usually keeps the riffraff out! Sports are great for the kids - we're up to our necks in Cross Country, Fencing, and Football right now. Take Care. Love, your MN cousins