Sunday, January 3, 2010

Playing in the Big Leagues

The twins travelled to Nashville this weekend to play hockey (thanks for driving them, Mr. Flick) against some Double-A and Triple-A teams. Unfortunately, their coach was detained by his wife's emergency C-section. Fortunately, the Stars all played well and are in the Championship game today. We were listening to the radio play-by-play online yesterday at so it was fun to hear "Schmidling" a time or two. Winger scored the first goal in one of the games. But the nail-biter was Saturday afternoon against #31 team in the division above us, Nashville Thunder AAA. We had lost to them before, but beat them this time!

Note: We took home 2nd place medals on Sunday afternoon losing to the #27 team: Columbus Ohio Jr. Bluejackets AAA. Our team is still ranked #13 in the AA division, but feeling good about their talent and efforts. We're meeting Mr. Flick at 12:45 a.m. tonight. Good thing there is no school tomorrow.

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