Thursday, January 28, 2010

Read the Instructions

Unfortunately, I loaned out my two "Sundial" books and don't remember who has them. (This happens a lot with homeschool moms.) The books are from Dover, but otherwise out of print. I tried all the libraries and book stores in Kansas City, but no one had them. And we need them SOON to create a sundial for Grandma Judy. Polar Bear promised it as her Christmas present--and plans to enter it as his Science Fair project this Friday. Luckily, I looked back through Dorito's school box where I save all the projects, certificates, and best handwriting samples from each grade. He had made a sundial in 4th grade for my own garden, and I had copied out the directions from the book as a give-away at his Science Fair display. How Great is That!! Found them in the nick of time. Good thing I am somewhat of a pack-rat with school papers. I'm just too sentimental to throw away all that hard work!

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