Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Homeschooler at K-State

He's mature, mannerly, and poised beyond his peers. He's a football player as well as a musician and a dedicated student. (Hmmm, sounds familiar...)  The Wichita Eagle ran a front page profile two weeks ago about Collin Klein, the sophomore quarterback called up when the starting senior was injured.  The reporter said Klein has good posture, a firm handshake, and makes eye contact with adults.  As Alison would say, "We learned all that before First Communion." ;-)  Yes, Klein was homeschooled!  Of course, we were thrilled with the publicity and his recent success.  Not that homeschoolers are perfect, but having a K-State quarterback with those credentials definitely moves us up in the eyes of our relatives.  I could empathize when it was reported that his high school transcript was not appealing to some recruiters because he lacked a class rank.  But K-State liked his 4.0 GPA and Coach Snyder offered him a scholarship.  It proved to be a good investment as No. 7 broke the school rushing record with 268 yards in back-to-back games.  It also proved to be a good "current events" assignment for my sons, who are homeschooled.

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