Saturday, December 11, 2010

Artwork in Advent

I love art myself, and one of the best aspects of homeschooling is the chance to incorporate more "real" art into the lives of my children.  Such as... here are watercolor pumpkins from Halloween (copied from Ana's blog).  We did calligraphy back with Benjamin Franklin's visit...
Then in November, we went with homeschoolers to the KC Nelson Art Gallery at the conclusion of our ancient Egypt unit to see their new mummy Meretitis.  Her outer coffin, inner coffin, mask, and ushebti from 300 B.C. are so elaborately built and colorfully decorated with precise symbols.  Plus, they used a CT scan of nearby mummy to create a facial composite of what he really looked like!  (Dorito was happy to see another good use of CT scans.) 
Meggar went to the Nelson on her fall break to see the Clare Twomey exhibit of teacups

Lastly, we are creating  Jesse Tree Booklets for Advent, and each page features a daily drawing of a person in salvation history.  The extra practice in freehand drawing while I read the Bible passage is meeting with surprising success, especially for BOYS.

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