Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rock - Paper - Scissors & Mind-Reading

Somehow, the twins started using "Rock-Paper-Scissors" about age 8 to settle important disputes such as who gets to wear the new clothes v. the hand-me-down pair from Reid, or who can be the goalie first for street hockey, or who has to carry the violin music to lessons.  I'm amazed that they don't have identical answers (!) to the game.  Polar Bear claims that Winger predominantly chooses Scissors.  Hmm...  Does he win with that strategy?  Certainly in hockey, they have a keen sense of where the other one is going to be and the passes work miraculously.  Everyone calls it Twin Telepathy.  I chuckle to myself and wonder:  Do they have the same dreams at night? similar strategies in chess? mathematics?  I also had a laugh at Boy Scout dinner last night when Eli Brown told about playing "Rock-Paper-Scissors" with his sister, and he got frustrated as she continued to choose Scissors every time: "When I was Rock, I would always win, and when I tried Scissors, we would tie!  My mom told me to give up, but then Annie chose Paper and tricked me!"  He is so logical :-)

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