Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Book Club Admires Condoleezza Rice

I recommended the book for last night's meeting, so I was also the discussion leader for "Extraordinary, Ordinary Family."  I had seen Condoleezza Rice on her book tour and wanted to know more about her, such as her interesting name.  Her mother (drama and music teacher) chose it from the Italian musical term con dolcezza meaning "with sweetness."  Then to learn that her grandmother taught her piano at age 3 (before she could read) had me fascinated.  Her first concerto with the Denver Symphony Orchestra came at age 15, followed by a college scholarship for piano.  We listened to a performance on You Tube of the Dvorak Piano Quintet with students at the Aspen Music Festival in 2008.  Also impressive was her dedication to figure skating, early graduate work, and high level appointments in academia and politics.  She is connected with many of the most important political events of the past three decades.  We enjoyed drawing parallels with her leadership skills and those of Martin Luther King Jr.

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