Tuesday, January 18, 2011

British Actor is a Winner

On Sunday afternoon, I went with a friend to see "The King's Speech" about King George VI and his stammering problem.  Enjoyed it immensely! By Sunday night, I learned that Colin Firth was nominated for best actor, and yesterday's email headlines confirmed that he won the Golden Globe award for his dramatic portrayal.  Firth is still Mr. Darcy to me, and I love that Lizzy was "admiring him" in this film, as she played Mrs. Logue.  (She was also great in "Possession.")  As I am enthralled by history and British literature, this plot captivated me with its Shakespeare recitations and WWII news reels.  Moreover, it was a touching tale about families, difficult relationships, and duty if not forgiveness.  Of course, it was more fully appreciated since I'd already seen "Bertie and Elizabeth," a 2002 film which sheds more light upon his romance and marriage, and the politics of his brother's ascent and descent from the throne.

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