Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 2 -- Sightseeing Near the Hotel

More walking today.  First, the White House Visitor's Center with video news reels of the past nine presidents. 
Then the Archives - a real national treasure.  Followed by Ford's Theatre for an in depth look at Lincoln and his political life.
We also spent time at the Museum of American History and the National Portrait Gallery (more presidents and Elvis).  Later, Kristen met us at the Kennedy Center for a free concert by the U.S. Navy Band, Brass Quintet, and Sea Chanters.  There were several show stoppers in the series honoring JFK's presidency 50 years later. 
We ate dinner at an Irish pub with an authentic waiter and menu.  Then, Kristen drove us around to see the D.C. monuments illuminated at night.

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