Monday, January 17, 2011

Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

There is an interesting connection between the Civil Rights Leader and K-State.  Martin Luther King Jr. spoke at K-State in 1968 and the note he wrote  for his speech was found in his suit coat pocket three months later on the day he was assassinated.  The note's existence became public in 2009.  The visit was King's last to a university campus.  K-State is working to create an exhibit with the photos from that speech on campus and the note, which reads:  "Nothing worthwhile is gained without sacrifice."
The article prompted me to call my dad (KSU alum in '64) and see what he could remember.  He was already a high school basketball coach with two little children by '68.  He recalls the violence in Kansas City causing a curfew of 9 pm.  "The ball games were moved up to 2:00, and when we played Rosedale School, they only let in the coaches, players, and cheerleaders.  Our buses were hit by rocks, but not while we were in them."

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