Saturday, February 19, 2011

Health Care and Teacher's Unions

Every kid deserves an opportunity to get an education, but probably everyone will agree (even teachers) that the U.S. government has never managed the system very well.  And everyone needs medical care from time to time, but should be paying their share responsibly.  Here's the latest take from our cousin Charlie on the teacher strike in Wisconsin.  I agree that too many teachers don't teach, and too many parents don't parent.

I need to get this off my chest based on what's going in Wisconsin and conversations I've had lately with people.  In my youth, the most important lessons in life, I learned the hard way on my own.  I've been fired, and it was the best thing that happened to me because I bought the lie that I needed a stable job and health insurance.  I admit that, at the end, I was not a good employee because I didn't care anymore, and my attitude and work reflected that feeling. When I got sick and tired of being sick and tired of my situation, I went looking for a new job that paid more and is more interesting and fulfilling. I was depressed in my old job because it was a J O B that drained the life out of me. So I made the choice to change it, and I did find a new job with great bosses who care about me.  They went beyond anything I expected with my Father's passing at the beginning of this year.

Today across the river in Wisconsin, kids will be walking out of school in "supposed" support of their teachers because the Governor of Wisconsin is making what some people call "radical" changes to the public employees union.  Kids don't know anything that hasn't been told to them, so Wisconsin teachers using kids like this is a disgrace.  As a teacher, if you want to walk out, walk out--but don't give me this cry baby, yellow belly spineless crap.  Have the guts to stand and be counted.  I had teachers that I wholeheartedly support for the continuation of their career because they continued to perform.  I had other teachers that were complete idiots and the only reason they had a job was tenure.  In times like these, the default argument is that teachers don't get paid enough, and it's a crappy job dealing with crappy kids.  Well, you chose it, and nobody said you had to stay being a teacher forever.  The crappy kids, that's the parents' fault, and it seems nobody wants to call the parents out on their crappy kids. 

What I have read is that the Governor of Wisconsin is now asking/going to make public employee union members contribute to their own healthcare and retirement.  This results in less take-home pay due to the first time that a higher contribution comes from them toward their own well being.  I never read anything in my life where it was stated that somebody else was going to take care of me when I moved out on my own.  When I married my wife, we pledged to take of each other in sickness and health etc. but nowhere in our vows was our jobs taking care of us or the government taking care of us in our pledge to each other.   Life is always changing and some people who had a false sense of comfort are now being awakened to the stark reality that life changes and you will change it for yourself or it will be changed for you.  I've been down both those paths, and I'll choose the path to change my own life.  Be glad you have the choice to live your life the way you want to live it.  Not everybody in this world has your opportunities.  That's all I have for now, so make the best of the opportunities you have in front of you, even the ones that are dressed up in overalls and look like work.  Have a great day, you don't know how many you have left.

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