Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Party for the Super Bowl

We stayed overnight in the hotel so we could watch the Super Bowl on TV.  I made a party with the help of room service. (I know, that's too easy!)  It was not because we are Packers fans, although we are glad they won.  It's not because we wanted to watch the celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Black Eyed Peas (although we like the real words to those songs).  Honestly, it was a little bit for the commercials: tiny Darth Vader stole the show!  And it was for a little "family vacation" since Captain had work in Lincoln the next morning.  Since we had two TVs, we took advantage by watching the History-channel-marathon of "Pawn Stars" between first downs.   They are so comical!!  Their customers brought in a real John Hancock-signed document, Miracle-signed hockey stick, and George Washington campaign buttons. But there were fakes like: the NASA photo negatives, Indiana Jones' whip, and Bob Dylan signature. Comedy is the best vacation for a family.

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