Saturday, February 26, 2011

Success at the Science Fair

Last night, it was Winger's turn to shine.  He smoked the junior high division with his "Science of Golfing" entry, which tested the bounce rate of various golf balls!  With golf season just around the corner, he now knows the Titleist ball will travel 12 feet farther on every shot (imagine his excitement). Polar Bear took 2nd place with an invention to land a model airplane on his homemade runway.  He managed to remember what all the markings, lines, and colored lights meant. 

Last, but not last place--Dorito captured 2nd place in the high school division with "Pilot's Weather to the Extreme."  He made three homemade weather instruments that worked quite well, and he learned to decode METAR (pilot weather briefings).  Even without Captain's help in person (he DID assist over the phone), I managed to organize the 12th annual Homeschool Science Fair.  It seemed easier with only three students and their projects from my family... I'm not complaining; I'm simply trying to balance out those feelings of missing Megan at every homeschool turn.  (She was good enough to still enter an experiment during her senior year.)

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