Sunday, February 13, 2011

Save the Last Dance for Me

A surprising lack of hockey games this weekend allowed Captain and I to slip out and attend the Seminarian Benefit/Valentine Dance at our parish.  We enjoyed the chance to dress up, eat slowly, and step out on the dance floor.  The timing was so Providential as my hubby is going away to jet school tomorrow.  Refresher training is always a week-long, annual cramp in our schedule.  But this year, Captain is getting a new type rating for a different aircraft, which requires he be gone for 21 straight days.  He doesn't relish the idea of that much studying, and I don't look forward to it on the home front either.  But the dancing earned him big brownie points!  Plus last night's comment that he would like to watch more Masterpiece Theatre with me (following our successful completion of "Downton Abbey.")  Music to my ears!

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