Monday, October 15, 2012

3rd Place at Truman Library

The St. Joseph Homeschool team won 3rd place at the annual Truman Trivia Contest! The theme of this year's competition at the Truman Library was "Presidents, Primaries, Conventions, and Campaigns" and included 50 questions. The team originally tied for 2nd place, but then lost in a tie-breaker round of 5 additional questions.  As 3rd place winners, they received individual $10 iTunes gift cards! I was so proud of them

Congratulations to team members: Rebekah Mohn (senior); Jacob Brooke (junior), Ben Brooke (sophomore), and my three sons: Polar Bear (freshman), Winger (freshman), and Dorito (senior).
This was my 4th year being sponsor for the team and leading their weekly study sessions. How exciting that my boys are growing their love of politics!  (Note: Last time our team won, Meggar was on the team, and they also took 3rd place.)

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