Monday, October 29, 2012

Adding Up the Costs

I used to think it was expensive when I had three boys in diapers. Dorito was two when the twins were born, and I would save up the shopping and only go once or twice a month. My cart was full of diapers mainly. But that is nothing. In the past week, Winger broke his hockey stick (digging on the Detroit goalie ~$180). Then his skate blade broke at Des Moines practice (not his fault~$150). And he left his American Eagle jeans at the hotel (~$50). Luckily he is my favorite child.

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Lesa said...

I can feel your pain with children in diapers since Mary was 20 months when Laura was born. However, you win the diaper award, hands down. Tell Winger if he needs a place to stay or make some extra cash...he's always welcome here. ;)