Friday, October 12, 2012

College Hockey at the Sprint Center

My boys landed some tickets to the Sprint Center for the "Ice Breaker" tournament--a pre-season hockey bout between Notre Dame, Army, UNL-Omaha, and Univ. of Maine. They were thrilled to see some good teams on the ice, and had a chance to wear their Notre Dame jerseys! Too bad that Captain was out of town and couldn't join us and we could have the whole family together again. We were joined by the Rich's family, however, which was very nice. Prior to the game, the moms and Meggar went to the Noyes Home Fundraiser and Chair-ity Auction. Every year, designers and friends create unique chairs, and it looks like an HGTV reality show. We meandered through the stylish and whimsical offerings, enjoyed some 2 Carols Catering, and then met up with the boys before the end of the third period. Yes, we were among the merely 2,000 fans who are desperately depressed by the NHL lock-out...

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