Friday, October 26, 2012

Angry Over Stupid People

I try not to get angry. I really do!*&#$@! And I never call anyone "stupid".... but today I ran out of patience, huffed and puffed, and used that moniker to describe two people (not to their faces, of course). One person was at Meggar's university--where they just now reveal that they won't offer teacher certification for a bachelor's degree unless you stay for a 5th year master's degree.
The second person was at Kolbe Academy--where they have been sitting on Dorito's transcript for five whole days (after they began processing it two weeks ago). Finally they told me I have to order it through a completely different website--which they weren't going to tell me about (?) until I called again to follow up again on my several emails.
*Sigh* Thank goodness Captain is a good listener.

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