Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ash Wednesday & Penance

We will be offering up some of our prayers and penance during this Lenten season for the election of a new Pope. Today was perhaps his last mass at the See of St. Peter. We were not expecting this news of his retirement--even though Joseph Ratzinger is 86 years old. We have admired the 8-years of service given by Pope Benedict XVI. His fortitude was expected, his loving kindness was a bonus. Even my non-Catholic friends were surprised and asked me for a reaction. Two days later, I can only say that I respect a man who knows his boundaries. (I am a big fan of the "Boundaries" series of books by Cloud/Townsend.)

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Lesa said...

We are all, indeed, in debt to His mercy and grace by showing each of us individually, the beauty of boundaries.

May God guide and direct the conclave for the next Pope, and bless Pope Benedict XVI for his faithful service.