Sunday, February 3, 2013

National Priorities

Of course, we are American.
But we don't care that much about the NFL
(and rightly so given their lifestyles). Superbowl Sunday is always met with mixed emotions around here. I laid out a little spread of junk food: BBQ wings, Little Smokies, cheese and crackers, chips and dip, etc. etc. and went to pick up the boys from their hockey ride about 6:00 pm. We munched and watched about 30 minutes of live streaming--mostly repeated commercials and a semi-black-out. (Where is the robotics engineer when you need him?!) Then we went to late mass at St. Patrick's Church, and we weren't the ONLY ones there. (Shocking to discover 20 un-American and orthodox people actually live in our city?) In all the hub-bub, I forgot about "Downton Abbey" episode 5 on Masterpiece Theater. Luckily it is online all week for re-runs.
This reminds me of the year Meggar and I were scuttled away to the back bedroom to watch some Jane Austen (Jane-uary on PBS) during Coach Madill's SuperBowl Party. Priorities!

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