Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hockey Weekend -- Whoa and Wow

Wow--I haven't complimented Polar Bear on hockey for the past few months, even though he is the points leader of his team, because he hasn't made any improvements to his game. Until this weekend. WOW! He got his snipe shot back. Won game 5 for us. He went after the puck 110% instead of counting on his easy-to-come-by talent.  He is now tied as leading scorer with 32 goals this season. Plus he has 30 assists, which proves his unselfishness in making it easy for others to score.
Winger has been and continues to be the BEST player on this team. No kidding. He works the hardest while playing center, wing, and defense all during one shift! This weekend in Minnesota they beat the #6 team and #15 team, but lost to #19 and #14. The Russell Stover team is still ranked #22, but we hope will move up before Districts and Nationals next month.
Now for the injury report--Whoa! Dorito took a stick under his chin as referee during the high school tournament. Bleeding makes you look tough. Then two games later, he turned slightly and was hit by the flying puck on his jaw. Split the skin below his lip and bruised his gums. He came straight home, and looks like he has been in a fight because of the swelling. Polar Bear defended a slap shot at close range and was hit so hard in the ankle that it is sprained. Winger took two hits along the boards and has a goose-egg the size of a golf ball on his hip. Dark and ugly bruise, too. Everyone is on pain killers, ice packs, and hot tub treatments. I think it's time for the season to be over.

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