Sunday, January 5, 2014

Back on Track with Hockey

The twins are back together on the ice, and their team seemed to play better together, too! They pulled off five wins this weekend in Nashville!
Our high point was a defeat of their arch-rival Belle Tire team, who is No. 1 in their division. This is the second time Thunder has defeated that team from Detroit and their loud-mouth moms in the stands. I was so excited that I convinced the team manager to let me spend some of the meal budget on ice cream sandwiches to celebrate!
We are also excited that former Russell Stover '97 player Finnegan committed to Quinnipiac University!  This is big news for dedicated players from the Midwest! Remember that Quinnipiac is in Connecticut, and we saw they currently had twin brothers on the starting line-up!
Joining us in the stands this weekend were new TN friends:
Jimmy and Quinn on Friday, and
the whole Morel family on Sunday (boys shown here).

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