Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Moving Forward

No one else is sad about not having the Homeschool Science Fair this year--but I am a little nostalgic today. Usually held in late January, the event was open to all homeschoolers at virtually no charge. Everyone had a one-on-one with their judge from the scientific community, listened to a science workshop, and in the end, everyone won a prize. As the main organizer for about 15 years, I help my own four kids do roughly 50 different experiments (the best ones were handed down and repeated during the appropriate grades).
That is a lot of hand-on learning and creating of display boards, and I don't even like science. But it was the only way that I could think of to make sure my own students engaged with science and enjoyed its revelations, discoveries, and complexities. There is no surer glimpse into the orderliness of God than a science fair project. Amazingly, there is also maturity that comes with the process as students face deadlines with projects that might have failed, burned up, spilled over, or fizzled out. Then there are those winners which took my breath away when I didn't expect my kids would do very well. It might sound like I'm braggin a little, but once every 15 years is probably alright for teacher evaluations.

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