Saturday, January 18, 2014

New Years Resolution

Obviously, I need to help earn money for our family's budget. I sold a few big ticket items over the Christmas break--which helped. Once I got back to Nashville, I began to pursue part-time employment (again). I posted my tutoring services on Craigslist and applied for two jobs tutoring for the ACT. For the first company, they asked me during the face-to-face interview if I had taken the ACT recently. "No, not recently," I replied (as in not since October 1983). I did help Dorito with most of his ACT Prep and graded his practice tests, but that was over a year ago. Meggar went to an outside source for her ACT Prep... so I sat down cold-turkey and did the Math and English tests that first afternoon at Huntington. I went back and took the Science and Reading portions the next afternoon (during hockey practice). The only trouble was knowing how to pace myself... I didn't get all the problems done on the Math and Science so that hurt my scores.
24 = Science
28 = Math
29 = English
36 = Reading (perfect!!)
29 = My Composite (only one point higher than I scored back in high school--so I guess I'm not much smarter even though I've repeated high school three times over with my kids)
Both companies hired me.
Went to training yesterday and start Monday.

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