Sunday, January 19, 2014

Giving an Abundance

We drive past the Dave Ramsey building every day on the way to hockey practice. I like Dave because he tries to help people live within their means happily, so "Financial Peace University" is aptly named. Luckily he doesn't preach that  Protestant "Gospel of Prosperity" whose tenet says believing the Bible is a guarantee you will be rich. Of course, God wants us all to have a generous heart.
My Catholic husband would never, ever brag on himself. Yet today I am. Through the years, he has given money to every single sibling of his family and mine when they were unemployed. Significant amounts of money. With no expectation of being paid back. He gave out $100 bills as Secret Santa every year in St. Joseph. Even early in our marriage, he bought a window air conditioner for a pregnant lady when our family of six was living on $45,000 and thought ourselves kings and queens in a palace. He took $100 worth of meat to two different families when their fathers were downsized.
Lately, I have been amazed that his generosity continues during the three months since he was laid off. He went out and bought $400 worth of used furniture for a lady moving into her own place (recliner, couch, kitchen table and chairs, etc.) He also paid all the utility deposits to help her get on her feet. He sent an expensive hunting knife to the party who hosted the twins for deer season. He is paying for college and travel hockey, too. I think he does it with a great deal of trust in our Heavenly Father.
I'd like to think that I can trust as deeply, But I am a penny pincher, who likes to be in control. I find myself eating less these days and feeling guilty about shopping for groceries. Having an uncertain future is challenging to my analytical brain. Being patient is vexing to my ambitious personality. I get frustrated when people tell me another novena to pray, as if the ones I am already praying are not good enough. I wish friends would call and check on my husband--more than on his progress. (Yes, he sends out 3 or 23 resumes every day.) I'm doing good to encourage him and our children (so they won't worry). I'm proud of myself for putting a positive spin on the Christmas letter last month. But it was hard to do. Many rejection letters later, it is REALLY, REALLY difficult now.
Today's readings about the Holy Spirit confirm that an Advocate and Paraclete remains with us. His fruits are peace, patience, love, joy, generosity, mildness, meekness, long suffering, goodness, faithfulness, modesty, and chastity. Come Holy Spirit.

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Ana Braga-Henebry said...

Candise, it is so good to catch up here. Wow, to think how this blog was born... and how wonderful it has been. :-) I hear you about novenas, many people also tell me who to pray fr etc concerning finding a home. I think you are doing great, all things considered. And yet I know it must be even harder than you express, I also don't do well with the doubt. Every time Geoffrey interviewed etc fora new job I had my heart in my hands. Hang in there, and by all means, keep looking at all of the positives!