Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Monday in the E.R.

Dorito wound up in the E.R. after lunch. He started telling me that his heart was beating fast and his chest hurt last night before bed. I made him drink a big glass of water, thinking it was indigestion. But the pains continued today even after breakfast and lunch. I didn't want to make the four-hour drive home without having him checked out, so we went to an urgent care clinic. They confirmed a heart rate of 104 and referred us to the emergency room. Once there, they acted quickly and confidently, hooking up an EKG. Lying still his heart rate was 107, and when the doctor asked him to stand, it went up to 124! I was beginning to get worried. Then the nurse asked us the pertinent questions about diet, rest, activity, etc. When he said, "Caffeine?" my brain clicked in to the truth. We had given up soda for Lent, so everyone chose a Coke at the Dunkin Donuts on Saturday night. Then on Sunday, the kids also chose Coke at the buffet lunch at Aunt Lori's house. I asked Dorito how many he drank, and he admitted, "Three or four." What?! Plus he had Dr. Pepper at Grandma's on Sunday evening! This was quite a shock to his system. I felt sorry for him, yet relieved. I hope Meggar sees that I was correct in keeping my growing children away from caffeine.

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