Saturday, April 18, 2009

Twins Take a Few Rounds of Chess

The twins were sad to miss Supernationals last week (due to hockey try-outs). Today they dived into the local chess tournament, but Tommy Palmer got the best of Polar Bear. Both he and Winger still finished in the top 10 overall for their age group. They were more excited about the "Bughouse" tournament, where 4 players work simultaneously on 2 chess boards. They had worked out secret passwords: 1 = queen, 2 = rook, 3 = knight, 4 = bishop, 5 = pawn. (How clever!) They could have been in the championship, but Polar Bear failed to notice his opponent's clock ran out just before Winger got stuck in a check-mate. Good effort -- which got them a 3rd place medal!

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