Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Young Engineers

It was a scene from the future... My three sons are acting the part of engineers during an afternoon class called "Building Bridges" at the homeschool co-op. (It was adapted from a public school gifted program, and they love it!) This was week 5 of class: First, they discovered their bridge would not allow a boat to sail under it, so they had to take off their two deck pieces. One broke! So it cost $91,000 to buy a new one. But the accountant (Winger) wrote the check with a misspelled word, which resulted in a $2,000 fine from the bank! Then Polar Bear said they needed more lumber, but the store closed early. The "Herzog Contractors" company was struggling on Tuesday afternoon. (I tried not to laugh as they were all talking at the same time on our way home.) They have one more week to finish construction of their bridge--within a $1.5 million budget--before the weight-bearing competition amongst the 5 student companies. I predict one or two of them might truly become engineers!

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