Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dreams and Inventions

What do you dream of? I mean literally. Meggar will often wake up in the morning and tell me she dreamed of a great pair of shoes or a new skirt! (for serious!) And she dreams in color and can tell me all the design details.

Dorito is too quiet to talk much about his dreams, but he hopes to be an airplane mechanic or engineer some day.

Polar Bear blurted out that he would like to be lawyer (?) when he grows up. Last night, he dreamed that I got a new mini-van, but I am not parting with my Previa.

And Winger is consistently the dreamer/inventor. He has had 3-4 inventions since Christmas! First there was a wooden tree for drying hockey gear, then shelves for his closet, then dividers for the shelf in his closet, which he painted white to match. He even tried to make a Pass-Master that he saw in the "USA Hockey" magazine. In the end, we ordered a replacement rubberband from the company and asked Mr. Bruce to construct the Pass-Master. The concept is like a pitch-back, but for hockey pucks. Here's the photo of the twins using it! Captain told Mr. Bruce that when the twins make it to the NHL they will first give credit to his homemade Pass-Master of 2009.

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