Thursday, May 21, 2009

Flappers at the Wine Tasting

The monthly "Wine Tasting at the Art Museum" focused on The Great Gatsby book, in sync with other activities around St. Joseph this month. As you can see, I took the costume contest seriously. It was actually pretty easy: I started with the red dress, reminiscent of Daisy's dress described in the book; I added a flapper
headband and white feather from a sorority party in the 80s; Meggar's feather boa; and my mother's dress up shoes from the 60s. Can you believe the red velvet heels?! I loved them, and I loved dressing up. (It's not just for little girls, you know.) Prizes were offered to all six of the brave women who came in period attire! And Angela and I both sipped on the bourbon and found another thing we have in common.

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