Monday, June 22, 2009

Pied sur la Plage

Translation from Domitille: Feet on the Beach. The cousins took us to their neighborhood beach for the day. With record high temps today, we were in the right place at the right time: swimming in one of the 10,000 lakes with cool spring-fed waters. Sandwiches from Subway and cold lemonades keep us going strong. Later, Aunt Mary served up a feast to go with Uncle Tony's pulled pork. You should see his homemade smoker. It's made from two propane tanks welded together and mounted on a travel trailer. He's also rigged up an outoor sink with heated faucets and a foot warmer for when he's catering 400+ pounds in the winter. The best thing about visiting Minnesota is Tony & Mary's hospitality. We were here twice about ten years ago, and I remember she whipped up 16 chicken-fried steaks for the 8 adults and 4 kids at the dinner table. Too much mouth-watering food along with non-stop conversations!

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