Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Arrivals

Mass at the Basilica of St. Mary in downtown Minneapolis is wonderful. The whole family is back together following two days of hockey practice. The priest is reverent; the music is awesome; and the place is packed at 4:30 pm. We asked the cantor for a dinner suggestion, and she was right-on with "Joe's Garage." The appetizers we chose were quite gourmet--fries with two dipping sauces: basil aioli and roasted red pepper mayo. Scoops of garlic mashed potatoes are also their specialty--served with a variety of toppings. We chose rosemary gravy and another plate with Wisconsin cheddar and broccoli.

A couple of hours later we pulled into Avon, Minnesota, to see Captain's relatives. Cousin Pam had marinated venison sirloin tips in teriyaki with extra garlic, and Bob grilled it to "still moist." We didn't tell the kids until after they had finished eating and had smiles on their faces. Pam also made an angel food cake and served it with strawberries (Captain's favorite). Meggar likes how all the streets in Avon have Shakespeare names like Hamlet Drive and Romeo Way and Juliette Lane.

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