Saturday, October 31, 2009

Another Saint and Pumpkin Story

My Aunt Jean in Connecticut liked the blog with Saint-o-Lanterns and wrote me this story:
"It reminded me of something that my grandson's Faith Formation class did yesterday. He's in 2nd grade and preparing to make his First Confession. His teacher gave each child a pumpkin and had them scoop out all the "bad stuff" inside--just like getting rid of your sins. Then they carved a cross in the side of the pumpkin. When they got home, they were to put a small light inside--to symbolize how telling one's sins to the priest will result in a glow from within and a clean feeling. When Jack got home, he wanted to write a letter to God telling how he felt sorry for his sins. It was a wonderful letter, thanking God for making his Mom, Dad, and at the very end of the letter he added one more sentence, thanking God for also making Alyssa, his sister. It's wonderful how young children can be so sincere and innocent at times. Thought you might like to hear this."

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