Monday, October 12, 2009

New Nick Names

Captain says he has a new part-time job driving the twins to their hockey practices and tournaments. "Just call me an over-the-road truck driver!" he said after driving home from Chicago. He also owns his own skate sharpener business, and to date has sharpened 159 pairs of skates for our three hockey players. The rinks would charge $6-$10 or more per time, so it has paid off. Here is back home after a trip to Panama as an International Jet Pilot.
But then Wife drove to Oklahoma City for hockey and to Minneapolis for a cousin's wedding. We put 1,000 miles on the Suburban this weekend! Now who's the "truck driver" I ask? Driving is not so bad when I have a book on tape. I started "The Eyre Affair." Plus, I like the Garmin because my sense of direction is not as sharp as the pilot's. When I anounced that I was finally typing in "Home" yesterday, Dorito quipped back: "I hope it's not going to take us to the Pepsi Ice Rink!" He's hilarious sometimes!

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