Friday, October 16, 2009

Senior Night at Knights Volleyball

The Knights Volleyball team celebrated its seniors at their final home game. Each girl was introduced with her parents (Captain arrived too late). Meggar had a good start in volleyball back in 6th grade with Coach Huss at St. James. Now, #4 gets all her serves over and covers all the rotations. We are proud of her long-term dedication to this sport. Meggar's speech was the Best!
Then, they each received yellow roses from Coach Joyce. Wife brought the balloons and signs to decorate the gym. After our final victory, the Schmidlings skipped the chili supper because we had dinner reservations at the fancy French Restaurant in nearby Parkville. Cafe des Amis is owned by a French chef from Champagne, and it was a delicieux chance to honor our eldest in style.

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