Thursday, October 8, 2009

Last Sunday's Red Mass

I first learned about the "Red Mass" when I was helping on Kenny Wilk's campaign for the Kansas House of Representatives back in 1991. Traditionally, the event takes place before the Supreme Court starts is new term--on the first Monday of October. Last Sunday, six Supreme Court justices as well as Vice President Joe Biden and two other members of pro-abortion President Obama's administration were in church with Cardinal Daniel DiNardo of Galveston, Texas. DiNardo called on attorneys to be a voice for all clients: "They are poor and wealthy, confused and lucid, polite and impolite," he said. "In some cases, the clients are voiceless, for they lack influence; in others they are literally voiceless, not yet with tongues and even without names, and require our most careful attention and radical support." Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts attended the Catholic mass along with the newest Catholic member, Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who is unfortunately expected to support abortion. Incidentally, cardinals wear red to symbolize their willingness to shed blood in the defense of their faith.

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