Monday, December 23, 2013

A Warm Willkommen Weekend

Thursday, Meggar and Dorito were fetched from Kansas City today so they could be "home for the holidays." We celebrated with a little shopping (though it's harder to keep surprises now). And at home we started nibbling on the first two batches of cookies: mint chocolate chip (which Polar Bear made in honor of them being a favorite of his sister), and no-bake oatmeal cookies (which Winger made in anticipation of Captain being home soon).
Friday, we drove to Denver. This is the new Christmas hockey tradition of our family: we went straight to the Harrow Sports warehouse and bought four more sticks for the twins to use right away (they threw in two free lanyards that certain young men might find in their stocking as key chains), we had warm coffee and cocoa at the hotel instead of the Denver Tearoom (but were grateful that the Marriott reward points have stretched this long); and we admired the snow-capped mountains (though we aren't able to afford snowboarding this year).
Saturday, Coach Ron took the twins on a tour of the Air Force Academy (an excellent hockey facility) with his former player/asst. coach. I took the older two siblings to the Park Meadows Mall for a bit of shopping, but the parking was an unbelievable battle--seriously I circled the parking lots and 2-story parking garage for 30 minutes and never found even one space.
Sunday, we went to mass (though when we are out-of-town it is an adventure not knowing what strange aspects might be encountered).
The U16 team wore their new jerseys to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the TPH Hockey Association. Formed as a joint venture into Tier 1 Elite for the players in the Southwest, the Thunder combines players from Nashville and Atlanta. These rugby-striped jerseys were a "Christmas present" paid for by the goalie's dad. (Winger is at the face-off.)

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