Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Serious Holidays

Poor Polar Bear--he had his hockey stick stolen at the rink last week. During off-ice training, all the players leave their bags and sticks sitting outside the locker room. The stupid thing for the thief is that only my twins play with that brand of stick so it's going to be noticeable. I hope we find it...
Meanwhile, I had another garden flag stolen this week. Ugh! Two in the spring, and now another? I kept this one up by the front sidewalk instead of at the street level by our mailbox, but I guess people who prank are brave.
Even worse, someone came up to the front bushes and turned on the garden hose! I heard water running, but it was bedtime and I thought Polar Bear had started a bath upstairs. When it ran "too long," I marched upstairs to give him a piece of my mind. No one in the tub. No one in the shower. No one doing laundry. I checked to see if basement toilet was running. Called Captin who helped me discover that the front hose was on. UGH! We turned it off and removed the spigot handle. A friend of the twins said it was a common prank this week by local teens.
Lastly, Meggar called and said the police came to Spencer's home at 4 a.m. since they found the man who had broken into his car and stolen his checkbook in the night. He was caught while trying to use it for a purchase.
This is the wrong week for more "bad news."

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April said...

House thieves also turn on the outside hose to see if you are home or not. If you come out to turn it off, then they don't break in.
But, some home invasion people also use the outside spiggot trick as well. When you go out to turn it off, they rush you to get into your home....Be careful. It it happens again, I'd let it run until the police get there....