Thursday, December 12, 2013

Getting Through Exams

Half our family was taking a final exam yesterday, and the other half was reviewing for one.
Captain took his final book exam on the Global Express. It lasted four hours! He scored 97/100, allowing that he didn't know one question for certain, he made a bone-head calculation on the wrong chart for a second question, and the third one marked wrong was actually correct. Captain convinced the Flight Safety examiner that he was right, and now they will have to change their grading and study sheet to reflect their own error!! (kinda cool.) We are proud of the intense studying he has done these past two weeks. Here is his stack of the manuals about the airplane.
Next, Meggar had a Voice Jury today and aced it with her French song: "If You Wish, My Love" (Si Vous le Souhaitez, Mon Amour). She is also writing a 10-page paper about why girls get married, not the fairytale girls, but those like Charlotte Lucas who actually wanted to marry Mr. Collins in Pride and Prejudice. In between finals, she travels house-to-house and dorm-to-dorm buying back books for her part-time job.
Dorito has done his papers really EARLY. Last week, he had already finished his 4th paper for History, and his 3rd paper for Leadership Studies, and his 2nd paper for University Experience. They weren't even due until THIS week. What a good kid! (I am the freelance proofreader in the family.) We are so impressed how hard Dorito is working at university. He had a final today in Mechanical Engineering class. (Seems like a ton of work and money for a 1-credit course.) And their final project was completed in the afternoon--with racing their bicycles against the other 45 teams. The power had to come from a portable drill, and Dorito said the problem was getting enough torque.

Meanwhile, the twins and I reviewed Julius Caesar for a Literature 10 final tomorrow. And we started reading Dialogues of Plato for the car-ride home.

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