Thursday, December 26, 2013

There Are Still 11 Days Left of Christmas

Hooray! The 12 Days of Christmas mean there is still time for more good food... more movies... more games... more laughs...
Yesterday, we celebrated with eggnog waffles, watched "Elf," played BananaGrams, and laughed about strange guys who asked for Meggar's phone number. Today, we ate baked Brie and summer sausage with the Bridgewaters, watched "Fast & Furious," played Words with Friends since the bowling alley was closed, and laughed about professors who threw in trivia-type questions on final exams.
Actually, my two in college posted great grades! Meggar got an A in Chemistry (that's a Christmas miracle), and an A in her Senior Brit Lit (pretty tough), and a B in Trigonometry (she hates math and science).  Dorito is thrilled that he stayed above 2.5--he got two As, one B, and two Cs this semester. He now qualifies for initiation at the fraternity! He was so dedicated to going to the tutor working hard to get a C in his Calculus I class after starting with very bad grades on his first two exams for that course.
Still to come: chocolate fondue, skillet cookies, ham-and-bean soup, venison chili, cinnamon rolls, reruns of "White Collar" on NetFlix, favorite episodes on BBC, sledding, and car repairs (always a laugh).

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