Monday, December 30, 2013

Cheering for the 'Cats

What could better than going to Buffalo Wild Wings in the hometown of Bill Snyder on the night that K-State is playing in the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl?!  My boys waited over an hour to be seated (luckily they went early) and could only get the waitress to put the college football game on one, tiny screen? I guess "the fight" is more popular with the average folks in NW Missouri (several people in purple left to go somewhere else). My patriotic family stuck it out to the victorious end waking us after midnight with game highlights. Dorito said he didn't see his fraternity brothers (two are in the Marching Band), nor his friends or relatives who attended the game in Phoenix. But he still had fun! I was fine to stay home and nurse Captain through his extraction of two more wisdom teeth, and we both fell asleep early.

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