Monday, July 28, 2008

Conquering the Links - Day 1

First day of the City Golf Tournament:
The twins moved up to the 10/11 division and started at 8:00 a.m. at the Golf Club. Winger, last year's 10-year-old champion, was paired up with Trent, the 11-year-old champion. Despite his initial dread, Winger shot the best score of his life: 38! Winger boasted yesterday that he can't wait to raise the trophy cup again. A little confidence obviously went a long way (6 strokes less than Trent and Ben).
Polar Bear shot a 44, which is a good score! He was hindered by the fact today's course is short, and it's his least favorite in our city, AND he was paired with one of his good friends, Sam, which made him a little self-conscious. He told Captain, "I wasn't nervous." But that's his attempt at conquering his fears. He will do better on a longer course.
Dorito had a late morning tee time, and he was eager to put his new set of clubs to the test. He shot a 54 at Moila. Good start for the 13/14 division.

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