Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Nineteen years ago, I was waiting for the Captain to pop the question. Eighteen years ago, I wore white and walked down the aisle. Today, he brought me 18 roses, and I gave him this poem. He was worth waiting for!

"True Love"
He offers me no palace, no name of high degree;
Bright fortune's golden chalice he does not bring to me;
But he has won my hand, and he has gained my heart;
more than palace grand, all gold can impart
Is his true love for me!
Is his true love for me!
By many a tender token, by many a winning word,
I know with love unbroken his heart for me is stirred;
For this I give my hand, and yield my trusting heart,
for more than title grand, or aught wealth can impart,
Is a true heart to me!
Is a true heart to me!
Bright are the halls of pleasure, and grand is fashion's train,
But far more do I treasure a home without a stain!
Rank may not always charm, nor fortune always bless;
But love the heart will warm, and bring true happiness!
Then a bright home for me!
Truth, love, and home for me!
(author unknown)

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