Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jane Austen Outdoor Tea Party

Sunday afternoon so we took a drive -- Meggar and I took Jenny to the Kansas City meeting of the Jane Austen Book Club (with our best hats). Julienne hosted the gathering at her quaint, Prairie Village home. Because of the stifling heat, however, the outdoor tea party was fortuitously moved indoors. Happily, several large windows allowed us to gaze upon the garden while enjoying our tea and treats! Lesley's cold raspberry soup was a favorite. And a last-minute Google search proved a gem when I shared how the P&P novel places each awful marriage proposal indoors but the interactions which will bring Elizabeth the most happiness all take place outdoors. Hmmm... clever! Lastly, Meggar delighted the whole group with 2 musical selections on the pianoforte. "Play something a little less mournful, dearest." Everyone was daydreaming of Marianne, I'm sure.

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