Saturday, February 21, 2009

Making Plans on Hockey Weekend

After the Monster Concert, we drove up to Omaha to attend the Notre Dame v. UNO hockey game. We took our jerseys to wear! Dorito and Captain drove over from the Midwest League tournament in Des Moines to meet us. TRAGEDY struck, however, because we arrived to discover they had moved to a smaller location and were SOLD OUT. There were a few scalpers around, but none had enough tickets for our whole family!

So we put our heads together and decided to find the "Dave and Buster's" restaurant and play some video games to drown out the disappointment. The boys quickly recovered and won enough game tickets to get 4 golf scopes as prizes. They were thrilled! They have been wanting to buy golf scopes, and this model even clips onto your belt. My story has a Happy Ending, at least!

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