Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Was it Wine or Tea?

They called it the bordeaux of tea? And they were right! At book club tonight, Jenny brought Keemun Congou tea, so I did some investigating on the Internet:

This is a particularly fine example of the winey Keemun --very often referred to as the “Bordeaux or Burgundy of Tea”. The tea has a thick rich liquor that has an orchid like fragrance, a fragrance that some say can be enhanced with milk (I certainly found that to be true). This grade has tightly rolled leaves that promote a deep rich concentrated flavor. In fact when properly stored, they take on a deeper winey and mellow character. This is the third highest grade of Keemun that is available, and it is only made during March and April growing months.

Apparently, the Keemun Congou is often a main ingredient in English Breakfast blends. So of course, I enjoyed 3-4 cups whilst we discussed "Girl with a Pearl Earring." This novel is a fictional account of the Vermeer painting from about 1665. Full of life and some Catholic references, the book was rated highly by all our members.


Ana Braga-Henebry said...

I had mixed feelings about the book/film... it always bothers me when they play with people's real lives...

Candise and Crew said...

Dear Candise,

I read "Girl With A Pearl Earring" a few years ago. I loved it! I didn't know there was a movie version. I can't wait to go to the Netflix website and put it in my queue. I think you told me that Netflix does not have "Like Water For Chocolate," but I am going to check anyway, just in case.