Monday, February 23, 2009

What We Learned at the Science Fair

I always learn a lot when we do the Science Fair.... :-)
1. Some years my children have to learn how to lose.
2. We also must learn to be gracious winners.
3. My shy child will have to talk louder in a big room so the judge can hear.
4. My talkative child will need to be more brief and concise.
5. Trading prizes is a cheap resolution for disappointment.
6. Time management is crucial; there is a deadline.
7. Sometimes we can't understand everything about science, but God does.
8. Projects might not turn out the way they look in the science book.
9. If you forgot something, then next year you will do better.
10. Talking to another adult, besides your mom, is great experience.

1 comment:

Al said...


Thanks for the invitation to once again participate in the important task of judging the Fair.

I enjoyed it very much, but enjoyed even more talking to the children and seeing them grow in their interest in science.

I believe the presentations for all projects this year were even better this year than last.

I had a wonderful time. Thank-you once again for such a wonderful experience!