Sunday, February 8, 2009

Street Gang 2009

It was heaven-on-earth for the twins this afternoon!! The weather was warm enough to play hockey outside -- plus the Jungbluth's invited them over to their new outdoor rink. Plus the Gibel's had a free schedule -- so it was 2 Schmidling twins, 2 Gibel twins, 2 Gibel big brothers, and 2 Jungbluths which made even teams for street hockey. Polar Bear said he was surprised how WELL everyone could play, since he is the oldest. Winger was EAGER to try his newly-purchased street stick, a red Synergy with a Sakic curve. He negotiated the purchase after the All-Star games last weekend, since it was on sale at Pepsi's hockey shop. (Who says shopping is a girl's addiction?) So, it looks like we have found a neighborhood gang (again) that will play endless hours of hockey with us.

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