Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I used to keep stats for my father's high school basketball team--and I was so detailed that I became his main statistician by age 12. Here are my stats for the Schmid twins in their 2008-2009 hockey season. Together they scored 116 points, and their teammates scored 115 points during their 34 wins and 8 losses.
Polar Bear tops the chart with 71 goals (which is 1.5 per game!) and 45 assists. He had 8 hat tricks and 3 playmakers, too!
Winger had the most assists (47 total, which is 1 per game!), and he scored 45 goals. He also had 3 hat trick games and 3 playmakers, too!
I can't help but notice their stats were more identical last year, but everything with twins cannot be equal all the time. These are incredible numbers! and it shows how much fun they had on the ice.

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